Teams 2014


Area Dressage Qualifier at Bluebarn – 30th November 2014

The build up to the qualifier was quite eventful with illness, (equine and human) leading to reserves stepping in and some riding a test at a higher level – for which I am very thankful for.  In the end we were able to send two senior teams:

Lyndsey Collins – Rowley
Helen Thomas – Pearl
Mandy Williams – Rollo
Stella Alfrey – Morgan


Nicky Earland – Drummer
Jade Algeo – David
Ania Cox – Polly

Everyone rode really well and were pleased with their marks – it's fair to say there were a number of challenges to the day, getting lost on route to the venue (by several people!), youngsters in the field nearby wanting to join the party and spooking those warming up, lost shoes in the warm up and of course general nerves of competing.  The team spirit and support was lovely to see and overall we all had a good day and the weather was relatively kind – dry if not a tad cold! Whilst we didn't have a team placing Ania was placed 5th in her arena.

Bluebarn has recently changed ownership and has under gone a lot of improvement, I am pleased to report that it is lovely venue with two outdoor arenas and two indoor arenas all with lovely surfaces that rode well.  It is to be the venue for the dressage to Music Qualifier on the 18th July 2015 and the Winter Novice Dressage Qualifier on the 18th October 2015. 

I would also like to express our grateful thanks to Sarah Brabrook, our club dressage instructor, who generously offered a free session to all riders competing in the teams – her continued support of the club is greatly appreciated.

Special thanks go to Ann Pemberton who along with myself acted as our club helpers – we can only compete if we provide helpers to assist in running the event.  More recently the qualifier organisers have been allocating each helper a set time and task to help, this has been making helping more pleasurable and a lot less onerous.  So if you, a friend or family member have some time to spare at a qualifier, please put you names forward to help!

Indoor Show Jumping Qualifier Duckhurst Farm

We sent three teams to the above qualifier. 

Our Novice Team was:

Lyndsey Collins
Helen Philo
Catherine Clarke and
Sarah Savill

it was an early start for them with the class starting at 8.30 am!! The team jumped so good rounds but were sadly unplaced.

Our Intermediate team were:

Verity Wise
Sally Randles and
Ania Cox

the course was a full up 90cm in the 1st round with Verity and Sally jumping clear with Ania having a very unlucky pole.  The course was raised for the second round where Verity and Ania jumped clear with Sally having the odd pole but to our delight the team finished 4th with Verity having to jump off for an individual placing in which she finished a brilliant 3rd!!

Next was our Junior Intermediate team which was

Katie Hickling,
Sarah Hickling and
Nicole Allen.

This competition did not start until well after 5pm they all jumped brilliantly to finish in 4th place with the highlight of the day being Sarah and her fabulous pony Magical Murphy flying round to win the individual a brilliant result!!

A big thank you to all team members, their helpers and parents, especially the juniors who did not finish until well after 7.30pm. 
It was a long day but definitely worth it!!


Royal International Teams of 3 Show Jumping 3rd August

This year we sent 2 teams to the Royal International Horse Show at Hickstead.  The competition is open to 3 riders jumping novice 85cm, intermediate 95cm and open 1.05cm.

Our teams were:-

Lyndsey Collins
Jane Howard
Verity Wise

Claire Penfold
Nicole Allen
Rob Twilley

This year there were well over 100 teams so we knew we were in for long day!! Our first riders jumped around 11am with our last jumping well after 5pm!! Our team of Claire, Nicole and Rob jumped some excellent rounds, with Claire and Nicole both determined to compete here after recovering from illness and injury!! A huge achievement by both!!

Our team of Lyndsey, Jane and Verity were on a score of 4 faults after 2 rounds and as we jumped towards the end of the competition we knew if Verity could jump clear we could be in for a placing (no pressure Verity and Apollo) to my delight they jumped a perfect clear round and they finished in 9th Place!!

A big thank you to those that came to support them and to the team members for making it such an enjoyable day.

Jackie Collins 
Team Manager

NewAn eventful weekend at the Riding Clubs National Championships 3 day Event.

On the 31st July, I woke sleepy Seven O Seven (Brooke) up at 3 am to travel to Swalecliffe Park, making sure we arrived on time for the 8 am briefing. He slept walked up the ramp and munched on his extremely big travel hay net, with a not so impressed look on his face. I told him it was Dads idea to go this  early NOT MINE.  I was extremely tired also after a full on week in Eridge Park  due to being at the 4 day rallies with the  lovely Jane Taggart's  Troy . I had to miss the last day which was fancy dress which Troy was very much looking forward to dressing in his lion costume, bless him. I kicked back the passenger seat and tried to make the seat as much like a bed as possible. Dad stopped off at the petrol station for some well needed Lucozade and Red Bull followed by a chocolate cookie and polo's (and that was just for Brooke). Sleeping most of the way, Dad woke me up saying we would arrive in an hour, so putting on Radio One listening to show bot kick-started the morning followed by me and Dad singing at the top of our lungs with lorry drivers giving us weird looks. We arrived at Swalecliffe to familiar faces from the Sevenoaks lot just in time for breakfast before the first briefing. We found our stable and Brooke enjoyed his breakfast and chill out time. The briefing was a good time to catch up with what was going on and a catch up with my mates from Sevenoaks. 

Next and first on the agenda was trot up! I don't think I have been this nervous for a long time it had to be the worst part of the event. Thankfully Brooke strutted  his stuff and passed first time with a grin to start the event.

It was a long wait waiting for dressage to begin later on in the day, so Dad and I headed for the most expensive chicken salad baguette and chips. We should have brought a packed lunch!

Finally it was time to get tacked up and warm up; I was thrilled with his warm up he was working ever so well and loving every second being ridden at a 3 day again. When we were introduced to the arena it was on a hill which wasn't a handy place to have a centre line which seemed to go on forever in a 20x60.  Any way, we began our test with a big smile and did an average test. I have to say it wasn't the best one we've done but it was good enough to hopefully be in contention. But oh no Miss Judge didn't like the look of us and gave us a harshly marked test! Cheers J

A little disappointed we decided  to head out for a meal with the Sevenoaks lot to the local pub for a good laugh and a catch up with the girls I have known since I was 7 on my first pony Bee at pony club. Then it was time to find the hotel that Dad had booked. We ended up getting lost and didn't arrive at the hotel until 10. 30 pm however the place wowed us enough to get up the next morn at 6 am to go to the Spa for a swim before breakfast.

Back at the event the weather wasn't on our side for Day Two, the  Roads and Tracks and the cross country phase. Mum and Sarah arrived making us feel better with a lot of chocolate from the travel up and we headed down to walk the course. The course was a lovely up to height challenge and had all sorts of questions. 

We suited and booted Brooke with his tons of tack he wears for XC and headed down to Phase A. For an ex race horse he was very chilled and plodded around the waiting area. With times written on my arm and the stopwatch at the ready they let us go and we started phase A at a trot. It took 5. 49 to get to phase B Brooke nice and warmed up to continue. We got in the starting box and I could feel his heart pumping out of his chest he knew what he was about to do. and away we went sprinting off and flying over the steeple chase fences as fast as his legs could go, loving every second… no  wonder this horse was a racer… can he run ! We went straight into phase C under 2 mins at a gallop and I had to really sit back and pull to make sure I could stop !! the people at phase B start box laughed and smiled as I went through the finish at a flat out gallop. We found a friend on phase C which I used as a little tactic which worked well to keep Brooke calm. It then began to almost hale it down thundering, lightning and tons of rain, washing off the times for each phase that was  written  on my arm. Trotting towards the end soaked through we went into the 10 minute box and we were checked by the vet who said his heart and breathing rate was almost back to normal ! We dried ourselves enough for the start of xc .

We headed out of the start box on to a very slippery cross country  ourse at an amazing pace. However we came to the water and we were a little hesitant due to our fall last time out competiting  at Eridge  at the water jump. We managed to drop in and  splash over  element B which was in the middle of the water  but after a  huge leap over it ,  lost all my knitting so couldn't make element  C, which was a very large hedge set at a very acute angle  so had to come round again picking up 20 penalties L damn it.
The next day the sun was back out in time for show jumping he jumped a lovely  round but we were  unluckily  and rolled the last pole .. But all In all was a good round.

I came away feeling incredibly proud I could ride such an amazing horse and I gained so much experience for next time! We experienced a range of emotions with Brooke being held in the second trot up.he lost his shoe on the cross country course, and I lost my air jacket but thankfully both were reunited .. .thank goodness. We headed back South stopping off at KFC and I also had to learn my dressage test for the next day for Smiths Lawn on Twiggy!

Thank you to Steve and Malcom who came up to support on the xc day sorry you had to travel home soaked. And thank you for all your support as a club and I hopefully can have another shot next year.

Katie Hickling August 2014

Felbridge Show Jumping Qualifier 29th June

What a busy day!! We sent three Novice Show Jumping Teams and one Style Jumping Team and three Individual Intermediate Jumping members.

The Novice show Jumping is a two round competition starting at 80cm.  This year there were over thirty teams!! The course comprised of twelve fences and was quite testing with a tight time our members produced some good clears.  The second round is over the same course but 85cm, by now the competition was running quite behind our allocated times so we knew we were in for a very long day!! Again some good rounds were jumped.

To our delight our team of: Maria Elliott, Nicky Earland and Wendy Purdie finished 2nd!!
 Our team of Louise Morrison, Jade Algeo, Jane Howard and Helen Thomas finished 6th a fantastic result.

Our other team of Micki Corner, Rob Twilley (who jumped  2 lovely clears), Eloise Kennett and my self jumped some good rounds (with the exception of me who was deposited at the 2nd fence!!) we were sadly unplaced.

The style jumping is judged on your self as a rider how you approach a fence, jump, land etc. Our Style team were Catherine Clarke, Maria, Eloise and Verity Wise who to our delight finished a very creditable 4th.

By now after a ring change which delayed our intermediate individuals jumping till much later than their allocated times Eloise and Verity both jumped superb 1st rounds but decided not to go forward to the 2nd round due to how late it was running.

Our junior individual Nicole Allen jumped a superb round until the last fence where Nicole and Basil suffered a nasty fall resulting in poor Nicole dislocating her shoulder (Basil luckily unhurt) we wish Nicole a speedy recovery!!

A big thank you to everyone who jumped, it was a very long and hectic day but we have a fantastic group of members who all support each other!! Also a big thank you to Loretta Bentley who was car Park steward from 8am in the morning and to Steve Townsend who was also our helper for the day as without these we are unable to compete.


Area Horse Trials Qualifier at Chilham Park Sunday 18th May.

The qualifier was held on a glorious day for weather at a lovely venue in North Kent.

The club sent one 80cm senior  team as follows

Helen Thomas on Red Sea Pearl
Lyndsey Collins on The Rolling Rock
Robert Twilley on Morgan
Sally Randles on Flying Chloe

We also sent one senior 90cm rider –

Sophie Saunders on Karmel

One junior 100

Imogen Long on Foxden Half Pint

One junior 100 plus

Katie Hickling on Seven O Seven

Our team finished a very creditable 5th with Sally also being placed 6th individually.

Our individuals were also highly placed with Sophie  and Katie a brilliant 2nd in their sections and Imogen a fantastic 1st in hers!!

This was an absolutely fantastic day for everyone. I would like to thank Loretta and Rob for fence judging all day and also thank Ann who fence judged all day with me as well.
Well done to you all it was a great result.

Christine Patrick
Team Manager

Festival of the Horse Challenge Qualifier

Held at Ardingly Showground on Sunday 27th April 2014

We had a very good response from members wishing to take part in this event, unfortunately for various reasons we lost a few along the way.   We did manage to send 2 juniors:

Francesca Oliver on First Edition and
Nicole Allen on Brush Aside,

and 3 seniors:

Gail Taylor on Birthday Surprise
Catherine Clark on Tom Colt,  and
Sharon Garner on Shikari.

The show jumping course proved rather tricky and extremely tight, and the cross country was up to height and also challenging, especially a boat-like obstacle with oars leaning against it before the water, caught an awful lot out !  Our girls and ladies, all tried their hardest and all finished in one piece, unfortunately no prizes, except very well done to Gail Taylor who had to compete in the non-riding club section (having fallen foul of the dreaded flu certificate) and came a very creditable 6th!

Also a very big thank to Kay Kitson who gave up her Sunday to be our ‘official helper’ which we have to provide, luckily she was loaned a car to sit in, as it was a day of variable English weather !

Well done to all, and thank-you for all having a go.

Mandy Williams

Combined Training Area QualifierFelbridge Showground - 19th April

The first qualifier of the summer season took place at Felbridge Showground on 19th April 2014.

The Club was represented by the following members:-

Hailsham Blues –
Mandy Williams & Ragtime Rolo
Liam Cornford & La Belle
Verity Wise & Anderida Apollo
Helen Thomas & Red Sea Pearl

Hailsham Greens –
Jade Algeo & Travelling David
Carolyn Hesse & Crystal Clear View
Hannah Payne & Master Monkey

Hailsham Yellows –
Christine Patrick & Little Indian Warrior
Maria Elliott & Morpheus
Sophie Saunders & Ca’mel

Each team consisted of 2 members performing Prelim 18 & jumping 75 cm and 2 members performing Novice 30 & jumping 85 cm. Because it is a team competition, it is technically teams of 4 but only 3 scores count so we were able to have 3 teams take part.

After some lovely dressage tests, it was the jumping phase that sorted out the placings with 2 of our teams finishing on their dressage scores. It was a very technical course with some very spooky wings. Luckily the sun shone on our teams.

The end results were that Hailsham Yellows were 2nd, Hailsham Blues were just outside the placings. We also had individual placings:

Jade & David were 1st,
Maria & Murphy were 5th &
Liam and Belle were 6th.

Out of 17 teams this was an amazing result which meant that both Hailsham Yellows and Jade qualified for the Championships which take place on 1st June at Astom Le Wells in Northamptonshire.

Big thanks to Steve Townsend and Lyndsay Collins for coming along and being our helpers for the day. As you all know the teams are not allowed to compete unless we send a helper per team. Also thanks goes to Malcolm for providing our pack lunches!!!

We all send “Good luck” to the girls at the Championships, it is a shame it is the same day as our Annual Club show, especially because Christine, Maria & Sophie are committee members. The team will be joined by Helen & Pearl who will be making them up to a 4. Also thank you to Lyndsay who is going to travel up to support in our absence.

Loretta Bentley


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